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                                                            UNITED STATES PAPER MONEY

This section of Numismatics features currency in paper form.  This is an interesting and facinating field of numismatic adventure.  I specialize in coins, but many in the  currency field would not choose any other. 

Collecting and investing in $2 notes may be the best place to start if you are a newbie to currency (paper money).  There are some very scarce issues but the total number of varieties is quite small compared to other notes. There is no $2 run equal to the long runs of the $1 note, more focused on the late 20th century.  However, looking at the spectrum, $2 notes are harder to find than $1 denomination.  The big reason I suppose is that no one really liked them (still don't) and they were not put away, therefore fewer are available, falling right into our collectors web of wanting rare and hard to find issues.  (rubbing hands together)  Heh heh heh.  

Many varieties are extremely collectible and finding an uncirculated one may prove daunting such as my neato $2 in the picture.  

In the 1920s a $2 bill was considered unlucky. (Finding this one was far from unlucky)  

Small size $2 notes are extremely collectible and make a wonderful set, with the red overprint LEGAL TENDER NOTES being especially colorful.

Hurry for this one, it won't hang around at this price long.  

There is much to know about currency, and buying a great book to enhance your searching would be a good investment.  Keep looking at this page as it will  continue to add much information regarding currency in the future.  

BELOW on on the left are 5 notes in one picture.  These are all hand signed (called courtesy autograph) by Mary Ellen Withrow, the 40th Treasurer of the United States 1994 - 2001.  You can find these on occasion on auction sites or coin and currency shows, but what you will NOT find is a five note set, all signed by Mary Withrow, and  incredible serial numbers like this set AND high grade on EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) Notice the neato serial Number set 44444410 - 11 - 12 - 13 & 14. Called Sequential Numbers.   See the store for pricing and how you can own this rare set.